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You Are What You Eat!

 The Best Medicine Is Healthy Food!!

Neo Kimchi is a powerful source of green energy in the human body and integrates active ingredients for health and diet benefits. 

Kimchi is the most representative and traditional food in Korea for more than 1000 years and is proved scientifically as a health food.

Neo Kimchi is highly concentrated phyto-nutrients from fermented vegetables without salt and freeze-dried into powder to maximize physiological and health functions of the active ingredients. 

Neo Kimchi provides assistance in weight loss, proper digestion of food, reduction and prevention of constipation, suppression of skin aging, boost in energy and vitality, reduction in cholesterol level, boost in immunity, and boost in anti cancer. 



Neo Kimchi

VegeSlim Testimonials (6-month)
Health and Diet Effect from VegeSlim

 Reduce appetite and hunger.

 Solve bad digestion with various enzymes.

 Help bowel movement and solve constipation.

 Reduce LDL & hypertension.

 Increase the metabolism to use body fat.

Weight loss through detoxification and burning fat.

 Change body condition and reduce regain of weight.

 Help prevent artery stiffening and cancer

 Changing in food intake habits (Salt, Sugar, MSG,                 Food Additive, and Trans Fat)



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